KNOWLEDGE that leads to the most prestigious universities all around the world

BRITISH OPEN COLLEGE- Become the part of a new Cambridge generation!

Have you already decided to enrol some of the most prestigious universities in Europe or in the USA?

Would you like to have the knowledge that will give you advantage on the best universities in more than 70 countries?


Along with your highschool you are able to learn and grow at the college that will increase your chances to enrol a desired university and where you can gain the knowledge and earn certificates that are recognised all around the world.


With British Open College you will earn Cambridge International AS&A level certificate that will give you secure pass to your first choice university.



  • This is a new very different method of learning in Serbia based on modern distance learning methodology.
  • It reffers to the most talented highschool students
  • Along with your highschool obligations it allows you to learn for the Cambridge certificate over the internet, from your own room
  • Live consultations with teachers
  • Consultations and final Cambridge exam is taken in accredited Cambridge Center – Brook Hill International School in Belgrade.
  • After your final exam you will get A&AS Cambridge certificate that are among most qualified certificates in academic community all around the world


Choose 3 courses that you want to focus on. After the course you have to take the final Cambridge exam that is sent to the Cambridge International Examinations Center in Cambridge and that results in A & AS Cambridge certificates.



At British Open College courses last two years. With just 5 hours of active learning per week you can increase your academic background.

British Open College provides you support that includes :

  • Video materials
  • Online books
  • Personal teacher
  • Consultations and support of subject specialist teacher throughout the whole year
  • Communication and friendship with other students
  • Final preparations for exams and further support in the process of application


What are the advantages of Cambridge AS&A Level certificates?

  • These certificates are recognized from many institutions, companies and universities around the world
  • Students that earn these certificates have the advantage when applying for universities abroad
  • Many universities abroad value these certificates as a credit which means that student may have credits for some courses at the first year on their chosen university.
  • Cambridge education prepare students for a whole different way of learning and thinking
  • Each student develops not only communication in English and writing essays but also learns how to gain critical thinking skills, presentation skills, debate skills, logical thinking and how to apply the knowledge.


All information are available by just one phone call 064/565-84-07

Apply today and do not miss a chance to arrange the consultations and find out more about British Open College courses.


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Download the British Open College presentation and share it with your friends, parents or guardians.

British Open College is the branch company of Brook Hill International School in Belgrade which is registered with Cambridge International Examinations as an international school number EA031.

Accreditation is gained based on strict criteria that includes the expertise of our teachers, diversity of teaching material and well equipped learning space.